I put together a bespoke package of work for a wonderful non-profit organisation, Rural Action Yorkshire. I did some time management consultancy with the line managers, then for the whole organisation I did a day's Presentation Skills training, followed by a half day's follow up work on managing conflict. I really enjoyed working with them to discern what it was that they needed and they were a wonderful, receptive team to deliver training for.

Helen has a great way of engaging with her audience which ensured that all members of our team participated fully in an informative, enjoyable and interactive day of training.  The techniques and advice she gave us are now fully embedded into our planning and delivery of presentations.  No one will ever again put together a presentation without considering “What’s the point?”!

Rural Action Yorkshire

Jess got in touch regarding a Presentations Master Class, designed specifically for researchers who are called upon to present their work at conferences. The session included bespoke feedback on each participant's presentation style, as well as exploring the principle of the audience's needs being paramount, the effective use of presentation software, practical tips on looking after one's voice as well as managing stage fright and handling question periods.

Thank you much for a wonderful session today. Yesterday and today have genuinely transformed the way I think about presentations; I really can’t thank you enough for all your brilliant, positive insights, and you’ve helped me no end with my attitude and feeling about presentations and how I present.

Jess, postgraduate student

A presentations masterclass, where each participant was filmed, given a individual written feedback on their presentation and then attended a course built around the needs identified.

[The course design] was so helpful. Helen is a lovely, friendly and professional tutor, I especially liked her attention to us all. I sincerely cannot think of any way to improve the course.

Research student, King’s College, London.

Helen has the best knowledge of facilitation techniques of anyone I know.

Helen devised and developed – from scratch – one of the central activities for Vitae’s Advancing in Academia programme. It worked perfectly first time. I don’t know anyone else who could pull that off.

Helen’s previous experience as a PhD student, a successful post-doc and training officer means that she understands the needs, doubts and aspirations of postgraduate and early career researchers and – most importantly – how to help them succeed on their chosen path. Every time I have the pleasure of working with Helen, I learn something new. And I already know quite a lot. Clear, logical, organised, humane, gentle and wise. Everything one would look for in a coach and facilitator.

Luke Freeman, University College, London

It was brilliant. Helen was able to give us really specific tools to help us think through our individual situations. She was also very friendly and encouraging.

Jenni, St Michael le Belfrey