Leadership in Action

I was part of something this week that I will remember forever. Something that means I will never be quite the same again.┬áSomething precious; that I have been hesitating to write about for fear that if I put it into words and those words aren’t quite right, I’ll sully the experience somehow. Do you know… read more

Made it.

When was the last time you finished a significant project? How did it feel? The last blog was written some time ago and I wrote about collaborating with my two colleagues. Well, since then, we have worked hard, talked a bit, had a few hairy moments and finally, in the early hours of the morning… read more

Considering collaboration

This week I spent a most productive, interesting and enjoyable couple of days with a some colleagues. I’m currently in the process of writing a book with them and I feel so privileged to get to work with people I respect, on a topic that matters to us all. Even better, we genuinely enjoy each… read more


  My late mum used to make bread. I have memories of her making all sorts of things, from knitwear to peanut butter, and she was very good at many of them; but honestly, I don’t think bread was her strongest area. I grew up thinking that home-made bread was great but tasted a bit… read more


Usually my posts are musings based on my observations. This time I’ve gone for something slightly different but equally close to my heart!   Apostrophes are wonderful pieces of punctuation. As with many of their relatives (especially semi-colons, colons etc) they can add accuracy and elegance to your written communication. However, if you put them… read more